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You can use the search words to look for places on this website that provide local food produced in South-Eastern Finland. The website covers shops, farm shops, markets, wholesalers, accommodation service providers, and restaurants. Check the keywords of your choice.
  • Potatoes, root vegetables, oat

  • Organic strawberries and raspberries

  • Jalo Flour Mill

  • Moisio Art and Catering Manor House

  • Polvi Cheesemaker

  • The sheep farm breeds Oxford Down sheep, which are high-quality, fast-growing and muscular sheep. Oxford Down is a meat breed, with the marbled texture of the meat rendering the meat tasty and juicy.

  • The Laurila farm in Elimäki has been engaged in agriculture since the beginning of the 1900s. The farm kept dairy cattle until May 2007, and since then its fields have been used for growing grain.

  • Restaurant Ketunleipä makes food from local produce; for example cheese-coated fried pike and game dishes.

  • Our organic products are always baked from the organic grain of local farmers using the traditional handwork methods. Also on sale are traditional Finnish baked goods.

  • Summer cafeteria open from spring to autumn. Gift shop on the ground floor, monthly changing art exhibition upstairs in the loft gallery.

  • Smoke-cured meat from indigenous Finnish cattle, pork, turkey and lamb, full-meat sausages, tinned meat.

  • Öljypuu makes high-quality food from Finnish and foreign raw materials, also private label production.

  • Mutton and sheep skins from Kymenlaakso. Mutton products to order, also sausages.

  • Country shop Iloisen Pässin Maalaispuoti offers a comprehensive range of products by local small-scale producers.

  • Garden berries, strawberries and raspberries (also pick yourself), natural berries and berry products: frozen berries, juices and jams.