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Laurila Ostrich Farm


Sales of ostrich meat (fillet, steak, smoke-cured, sausage, whole canned meat), ostrich eggs, egg shells, leather, leather products, feathers, feather products, wicker work, and other crafts.


Laurila Ostrich Farm offers ostrich experiences plus a farm shop.

Laurila Ostrich Farm

The Laurila farm in Elimäki has been engaged in agriculture since the beginning of the 1900s. The farm kept dairy cattle until May 2007, and since then its fields have been used for growing grain.

The first ostrich chicks were bought for the farm in the summer of 2007. The ostriches are reared until the slaughter age of about one year. New chicks are bought every summer, and nowadays some of the chicks are incubated in the hatchery of the farm.

When was the last time you had a picture taken of you and an ostrich? The Laurila Ostrich Farm is an exciting experience for animal lovers of all ages. The farm provides an opportunity to explore the ostriches at close range. During the summer you can see both adult ostriches and young chicks.

You can visit the farm in a group, too. The experience is certainly interesting and educational.

The shop at Laurila Ostrich Farm contains a wide range of high-quality products and gifts. The shop offers leather products made from genuine ostrich leather, meat products, feathers, decorative items, charms, and many other ostrich products. You can even buy a genuine ostrich egg.

There are also braided products made from willow grown at the farm, and other crafts.

It is easy to come to the ostrich farm to spend a nice summer day with the birds.

See you soon at the Laurila farm!

Jarmo and Outi Johansson

Updated 23.05.2018 - 14:13