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Palviliha Oy, meat store

We manufacture traditional and genuine smoke-cured products, as well as various kinds of full meat sausage products, including grill sausages, mini-frankfurter sausages, and smoke-cured sausages. We also provide whole smoke-cured pork for celebrations.

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Smoke-cured products, lightly smoked products, cold cuts, sausages, and full meat conserves.


Smoke-curing, the manufacture of sausages, canning, whole smoke-cured pork for celebrations.Smoke-cured products and sausages for farmer’s markets.

Traditions and new expertise from Koria

Founded in 1975, Palviliha Oy first operated in Kouvola for a few years before relocating to Koria in 1980.The company is a family business owned by two families.

Heidi Linnala and Ville Ruuda are third-generation leaders of the company. They cherish the traditional smoke-curing methods, whilst also making use of the latest technology and knowledge.Korian Palviliha Oy currently employs ten people.

The company invests in the quality and development of the products.The products are made from full meat, favouring Finnish meat supplied by local farms.

In addition to the factory shop, our products can be purchased from stores in Southeastern Finland and in the Häme and South Karelia Regions.

We look forward to seeing you in our factory shop located on Kirjapainontie Road in Koria!

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