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Sheep farm Woolenberg Oxford Down


Local food directly from the farm. Lamb meat, mutton and meat products, hides, wool yarn and crafts. Oxford Down breeding animals. Greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers during the summer season.


Shopping in our shop by appointment. Also farm visits by agreement.

Local food from Kymenlaakso

Our sheep farm is located in Koria, right beside Highway 6.

The sheep farm breeds Oxford Down sheep, which are high-quality, fast-growing and muscular sheep. Oxford Down is a meat breed, with the marbled texture of the meat rendering the meat tasty and juicy.

The farm sells fresh lamb and mutton seasonally on the basis of orders. The meat is processed into products such as full-meat sausage, canned meat and smoked meat.

The small shop at the farm sells hides, wool yarn, felting wool, and hand-knit hats, socks and mittens.

We arrange farm visits according to the groups’ wishes and on the basis of the annual cycle of the farm.

The farm shop is open by appointment.

Welcome to do shopping and to visit the farm!

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